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At Nordcap we pay special attention to the structural integrity of your dock. Because a steel dock is only as good as it’s foundation, we use high strength rust-proof 5″ dia. x ⅝″ wall piles driven to bedrock. For more than 24 years we’ve been building steel docks throughout the Muskoka region. Our courteous, experienced staff pay careful attention to detail in the design of your project.

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Our high strength construction includes 5″ dia. x ⅝″ wall piles and 6″ x 4″ x 3/8″ HSS crossers and special welding rods providing longevity for your steel dock (80+ years) and its supporting structures.


Since 1991 we have driven over 10,000 piles throughout all the lakes in Muskoka. Our projects include both large and small steel docks built to withstand the test of time in the roughest of conditions.


By sandblasting and applying Epoxy Coating your steel dock investment will be protected and can be augmented by the installation underwater sacrificial anodes.


You’re choosing peace of mind when you select Nordcap. We provide you with our 12 year structural warranty which is transferrable. De-icing to create 4′-6′ of open water around your dock is necessary from December to early April (some exceptions apply).

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